About Us & Our Work to Date

In 2003, Alex Pigot, world recognised postcode and addressing expert, first wrote about creating a digital postal code based on using geo-coordinates of longitude and latitude.

In late 2006, he and some colleagues founded GO Code Ltd to develop and implement a 21st Century location code for use in Ireland and other territories around the world and in particular to provide Ireland with a 21st Century postcode.

The company has a team of 8 senior experienced executives working on its development and implementation covering a range of skills in postcodes, postal addressing an address databases, mobile technology, IT and Web development.

Following initial trials and feedback from individual users and corporate logistics companies, GO Code is now working and operating across web, mobile phones, PDAs, satnav devices, and other software.

In 2009 GO Code was trialled in Ireland for use in identifying locations that were not postal addresses and also to identify customer proximity to drop off points.

In 2010, GO Code assembled and chaired the bid team, which included three other members (Capita, Bearing Point and AutoAddress) which won the contract for the dissemination and maintenance of the Irish government’s postcode in late 2013. As requested by the government, the postcode design we presented in our bid is a traditional database postcode.

Also, as was requested by the government, the database used as the base database is An Post’s GeoDirectory

In 2012, GO Code technology was licensed at no cost to a not for profit social enterprise for use with their work in providing postal addresses to people who live in unplanned settlements.

GO Code is continuing to promote its solutions all around the world with interest from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and South East Asia.


Alex Pigot: tel: +353-87-2486 665 email: alex.pigot@gocode.ie

GO Code Ltd., 8 Maple Avenue, Stillorgan Industrial Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin L6G 56LP, Ireland